1. Any Nice Day 9am to 1pm?
    The Buzzard Roost
    On any calm, sunny day those with time to spare congregate at the field for a morning of flying and good times . Bring a plane, coffee, lunch and plan to spend the morning with your buddies. July 28 2019 WARBIRDS OVER MILFORD
In general SAM does not sponsor open events such as those sanctioned by the AMA.​​

However we do have some internal events, and will from time to time open the field for a day of themed flying inviting our cohorts from other area clubs to join us.

If you have an idea for an event you would like to see send it in using the contact page.

Use the contact page to request further info on any of the listed events.

             July 28, 2019


Air Boss Klem has called for a "maximum effort" from  all pilots . 

The theme will be warplanes of any conflict or combatant nation.  Medals (prizes) will be awarded for all aircraft that fly ( no hanger queens please) by pilots choice.  The event is open to any squadron member from around the area clubs as long as the pilot has ​AMA certification.  No landing fees.

A light lunch will be available to all pilots in the Officer's Mess.

Flying starts at 9am until we have a victor.

​(NO Turbines Please)