Fact Sheet


The club operates with two objectives, to  promote enjoyable flying experiences with good friends, and to operate a first class flying facility for those good friends.

Club Charter
In May 2013 seven Charter Members applied for an AMA charter and the club is now AMA #5152.

All members and guests must have current AMA membership to fly.

The charter describes the club as being established for, and engaging in the flying of remote controlled, fixed wing, powered sport and scale models. While we do not prohibit other forms of model aviation by members, the use priority for the field always goes to powered fixed wing models.

Our Flying Field

Our flying field is located behind Gurney’s Automotive Repair on Elm St in Milford NH and the overfly is 125 ac of pasture and corn fields. The entrance to the field is a small dirt road off of Elm St between Medlyn Motors and Gurney’s Automotive west of the oval in Milford NH (see attached map).   After entering the property keep left to reach the pit area.   The coordinates for the field are Latitude 42.844467, Longitude -71.686521 

The  property is owned by Mr. Hugh Barrett of Surry NH, and currently farmed by Mr. Sean Trombly of Trombly Farms in Milford. We operate on a year to year basis at the pleasure of the owner and farmer without a lease.

 The field is a 400 X 100 ft East/West grass runway with a 200 ft by 50 foot pit area. The club area includes safety fencing, shade tent, starting benches, porti-potti and picnic tables.

The club adheres to all AMA and FAA rules governing RC flight operations and safety. This includes a noise limitation of 96 DBA at 20 feet which is checked periodically.

50 MHz, 72 MHz, and 2.4 GHz control protocols are allowed.  Frequency coordination is the responsibility of the pilots on the field.

We prohibit all 3D flying styles for all fuel powered aircraft.
We also prohibit the flying of turbine powered models.  

3D flight  is defined as flight  modes that do not maintain forward motion or involve aggressive maneuvers.


New member candidates must be sponsored by a current member with a year of tenure. Members may sponsor one new member per year if an opening is available, or as an addition to the waiting list. The  sponsor is responsible for mentoring the sponsored member for their first year of membership.

The current membership is capped at 50.

Dues have been set at $100.

Dues cover a flying year, defined as running from March 1 to March 1. 

Dues collected from new members after September 1 include  the next flying year membership.

Membership renewals are due on Jan 1 and members not having paid by May 1 are dropped from the membership roster and must wait for an opening to rejoin.

Guest Policy

Members are allowed to bring guests with them. A guest is allowed three flying visits per year and must be accompanied by the member extending the invitation. All guests must be current AMA members, and have proof of membership to fly.

Because a sponsorship is required for membership, the club encourages guests to join us. Use the contact page to ask for a guest sponsor so that you can come down and meet the gang. This is the best way to find a sponsor


We have no formal meetings. Our bylaws call for four business meetings a year which are handled by email. Because the group is relatively small most operational business is handled without a great deal of formality.