2019 Q 1 Operations Report

Well the 2019 flying season is here.

Operational Notes-

The club is chartered for the year and the insurance is paid up to cover the owner's liability.

At this time the site rent has not yet been paid, nor has the rental for the Porta-Privee .

To date we have had no neighbor complaints or any personal injuries amongst the members.

Because of the good record and the length of our waiting list we moved the cap up to 65 from 55. This allowed us to absorb the seven sponsored flyers on the list and I believe we have a couple of slots still open. If you want to get one of your flying buddies on the roster now is good time. Anyone that has been a member for a year may sponsor a new member.

Our finances are in good shape. I will be sending out the treasurer’s report by email.

A reminder about driving on the hay field. When coming and going from the pits do NOT drive on the unmown grass. This is the farmer's crop and we need to respect this.

In same vain, after discussion amongst the officers, charter members and out of club turbine pilots it was decided to not allow turbine powered models to fly at the field. The greatest fear being loss of the site due to fire danger in the hay field caused by a crash or worse yet the scrub surronding the propane tanks to the west.

Field Condition-

The field made it through the winter with minimal damage; but to keep it in good shape we now have a new officer. Dennis MacCallum has agreed to take the position of Field Marshal.

In this position Dennis is responsible for the improvement and maintenance of our flying site. We have set aside a budget of $2000 to support this activity. I am sure Dennis will need some help, so please contact him and let him know what kind of support he can expect from you.

Dennis said he is arranging for a commercial treatment of the runway to improve the grass quality and will roll it when all the frost is out of the ground.

Club Safety-

A couple of comments from our Safety Officer...

1. Please make sure you are flying in front of the flight line. The line is the safety fence and extends in both directions to infinity. It was noted that persons setting up for approach, particularly from the East, have a tendency to cross the flight line. Besides not yeilding a good landing, it is unsafe.

2. Please look at the AMA safety manual at " https://www.modelaircraft.org/system/files?file=documents/100.pdf "  Drew will a put a copy of the manual in the trailer for reference. Please remember our insurance is predicated on adherence to the AMA safety standards.

2019 Events-

I have been asked about events this year. At the moment we have none but if you are interested in honchoing a themed day of flying step up with your ideas. Themes we have used in the past are;
"Cubs and Cousins", "Warbirds Over Milford"," WW I Rendezvous", etc. Generally we have drinks for the day and some form of lunch i.e. pizza, potluck, Subway sandwhiches, barbaque,..... The club picks up the tab for expenses.

So come forth and volunter. 


We will be looking for representative photos of general flying, events, etc. for 2019.  If you get any you would like to share on the web site send them along to Bob Johnson by email and I will get them posted.