June 2018 Operations Report

We are off to another flying season with the field in great shape including a much improved western approach to the runway thanks to the hard work of our members last fall and the rearrangement of the dirt pile.

The current status of the club is as follows.

We have a full roster of 50 and three persons on the waiting list. We will not be sending out or providing membership cards this year.

During the last season we had no serious accidents reported, or complaints from neighbors, and relations remain good with the farmer and the town.
I would like to remind everyone that the one stipulation the owner places on us is to insure him for liability, so to this end be aware we must adhere to AMA safety guidelines to have the policy in force.  To that end I will post the AMA safety code at the feild and encourage everyone to look up the safety handbook on the AMA site. They seem to be updating this with time.

Currently we have no scheduled one day events for 2018. If anyone would like to become an Event Coordinator and put one on let me know and we will work out the arrangements.

Once again Frank Bove collected  the 2018 dues. Many thanks to Frank for taking on this chore.

So enjoy the good days ahead and have fun.