Evolution of Western Approach

2014 Before

This was before the tree removal in 2014 that got the plane eating trees out of the runway center line.
2014 After

After the removal of the trees on the centerline. Now you can see Abbot Hill but the pile is still there.
2017 Before

Three years later and the Autumn Olive has really grown and once agiain the approach is being reduced
2017 After

This is more like it. Pile is diminished and note how much more of the trees to the right you can see. We also have the fview of Abbot Hill back.

This cost us $1800 all in. Next step is to clean up the Sumac and the trees to the left.  We will probably wait until  leaves are gone before we tackle it.  The two trees to the right could also be removed if we want.

Should be ready for 2018. All we have to do is keep the brush down.

I thought this might be interesting since we tend to quickly forget where we came from.
2018 Warbirds Over Milford
On Sunday July 29th the air over the Milford SAM field was filled with military aircraft from 1915 through today covering all types and styles.  It was an impressive turn out for a one day event with just shy of 40 pilots in attendance.

The club provided lunch for the pilots and a Pilots Choice  vote was held for the most impressive aircraft at the event and cash prizes were awarded.

Below are some photos supplied by the Event Director, John Klem who did all of the organizational work. Thanks for a job well done John.
YA warbird view of the flight line Sunday afternoon. We were pleased with the turnout for this one day event.
Pilot's Choice and winner of a $25 cash award was Dick Smith's SE-5A.  Dick is from the CAGS club and an avid builder of WWI models. This one started life as a Balsa USA kit and finished with Dick's attention to detail - well done.
Dave Zagwyn fuels up for another sortie over the Western Front. The aircraft of the Great War were well represented at the event.
An example of heavy metal.  This is Bob Brodeur's P-47 providing close air support  to the troops on the ground. This plane is electric powered but there wad nothing missing in performace the way Bob flew it.
A first class example of a B25. Twins are always exciting.

2017 Random Photos

Random photos submitted by the membership during the 2017 flying season.

Rainbows over SAM

Rainbows enjoyed by the evening gang on June 25, 2017 at the SAM field looking east. Photos courtesy of John Klem

Mike's Mishap

Mike Alton wanted to share a "How Not to Do It" moment.

This is what happens when you get to near the trees on the west end. Looks like we need a work party in the near future.
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director

2017 Cubs and Cousins Rally

May 21 saw a beautiful sunny, light wind afternoon for the 2017 Cubs and Cousins Rally, the first themed week end of the flying yearr.

We had about 20 pilots flying all manner of Cubs etc.

Lunch was from the Milford House of Pizza and from all accounts everyone had a great time.

Cubs everywhere --- Even the logo has a Cub.
Didn't realize we had that many Cubs  in the club.
Some of the guys even brought a co-pilot.
How many does it take to fly one of these things?
And this is why we mow an acre and half of grass twice a week.      (.Brian Nadeau photo).

2017 Warbird Rally

Our Warbird Rally was held on July 23rd this year and it was a beautiful day with about twenty pilots showing off their Warbirds. At the officers mess we shared a meal of Pizza for the noon repast. All in All, the sky was blue, winds lighht, bellies full and everyone seemed to enjoy a perfect summer day at The Field.
Representing the Great War, Dick Smith a guest from the CAGS club in Hopkinton and his Quarter Scale SE5AR

Some of the turn out and yes that is a Russian Pitts used for training fighter pilots. Thats my story and I am sticking to it.
Steve Stylianos readies for another training flight with his AT-6.  Gotta love the cadets.
Drew Davenports Morane Salnier awaits the beginning of dawn patrol near the flightline at the Somme.


Fokker DvII Maiden Flight

Drew Davenport and Bob Brodeur put the maiden flight on Drew's 1/4 Scale BUSA Fokker DVII. A beautifully executed model and by all  accounts will make a worthy opponent for those of us that fly for the Allies.  I can smell a Dawn Patrol sunday in the future.
  1. Getting ready
    Getting ready
  2. Daylight under the wheels!
    Daylight under the wheels!
  4. Home Safe, ain't that purddy?
    Home Safe, ain't that purddy?

Cubs and Cousins, June Flyin
Pictures from our first flyin of 2016 on June 18th.  The weather was perfect and the sky was alive with Piper's best and things that were related.  We counted 11+ Cubbies and all appeared to hav e a great time.

  1. This has to be close to a perfect day.
    This has to be close to a perfect day.
  2. I'm sure it has one somewhere!
    I'm sure it has one somewhere!
  3. Dick Smith from CAGS doing a little field repair.
    Dick Smith from CAGS doing a little field repair.
  4. All the Cubs in a row
    All the Cubs in a row

Random Shots at the Field

  1. Frank Bove and Sopwith Pup
    Frank Bove and Sopwith Pup
  2. Dennis MacCallum's Stearman
    Dennis MacCallum's Stearman
  3. Dennis' Stearman Maiden Takeoff
    Dennis' Stearman Maiden Takeoff


Photos from the 2015 Steve Ferrency Memorial Picnic